Why Need To Brush Your Teeth Before Bed?

Every dentist will give you advise to brush your teeth at least twice a day, not just to have a pearly white smile, but because in this way you will keep your health.

If you skip this recommendation, it will develop various bacteria in your mouth, and a first signal is bad breath. The worst of it is that you can’t feel it, but the people around you could feel it. Then, the next danger is imminent if you not regularly brush your teeth, the tooth decay and gum disease.



During the day, move the tongue through the line between gum and teeth, you will feel a thin layer of somewhat sticky, that it can often be seen in the mirror. It is dental plaque. If you not remove it with the brush and toothpaste, will soon begin to attack and eventually expect the inflammation and gum bleeding, and you take a risk to lose the teeth. However, brushing quickly with a bad brush is also not healthy.

Do this at least twice a day, at bedtime required, preferably with toothpaste containing fluoride and a soft brush. Each washing should last about two minutes, to cover all the teeth on all sides, not just the part that you see when you laugh.

One or more times a year if you are a smoker, you should go to the dentist to help remove tartar from teeth.

And do not be fooled – chewing gum, candy and guides to clean the mouth and teeth “do not work”, remember that. Listed funds only give a feeling of freshness in the mouth, but brushing with toothpaste, along with flossing your teeth is irreplaceable, and the only effective way to maintain hygiene and dental health.

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