Why Warm Water With Lemon Is The Best Morning Drink?

Although we may have a way of coffee lovers, we know that this drink isn’t the best for our health. Better and healthier alternative to the start of the day is a warm glass of water with lemon.


It helps in detoxification of the body


The acidity of the lemon helps the body to restore its natural PH balance. The combination of lemon and hot water awakens the liver and stimulates the expulsion of toxins from the body.


Awakens the digestive tract


This simple drink awakens and stimulates the digestive system so it helps the intestines to absorb more nutrients from the food and allows food passes more easily through the body.


It helps in losing excess weight


Lemons contain pectin, which is proven to help in losing excess weight.


Soothing of upset stomach


If you go to bed with a full stomach, you can feel the discomfort morning. The warm water will help clean your system and lemon in achieving balance in the stomach

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