Why You Should Drink Green Tea ?

Green tea has always been distinguished as the healthiest hot drink, a new study confirms that it is good for the brain.

Scientists claim that green tea improves several cognitive functions, particularly our ability working memory.

The new findings suggest that green tea could use one for the treatment of dementia and other mental disorders.


New research from the University of Basel, found that green tea extract may improve the efficiency of brain connectivity.

It has been shown that people who consume green tea significantly improves the performance of working memory tasks.

Also, green tea has proven to be good at treating memory loss caused by psychological disorder or as part of recovery.

Recent studies have shown the many health benefits of green tea, but the effectiveness of the neural mechanisms were not known.

The volunteers were given to drink green tea extract before performing tasks related to working memory.

Following brain activity through MRI scans, researchers found a significant increase in connectivity between parietal and frontal cortex of the brain.

“Our findings suggest that green tea may increase short-term synaptic plasticity of the brain,” said study co-author Professor. Borgwardt.

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