World Famous Monk Argued: The Recipe of This Three Ingredients Kills Cancer!

This recipe successfully spread in the worldwide, despite of the pressure and lobby power of the pharmaceutical industry since the monk wrote in his book “From the air you can recover”.


You will need:

  • 350 grams of fresh leaves of aloe vera
  • 6 tablespoons with alholol – rum, brandy or whiskey
  • 500 grams of natural honey.


Clean the leaves with a dry cloth and remove pins from the ends, and then rip them to pieces without peeling.

Put them in a blender and add honey and alcohol.

You need to mix until you get smooth mixture.

The product is not required to boil or to drain.

How to use it?

Take one tablespoon three times daily.

Consume this product until to the end.

Keep the product in the refrigerator.

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