You See What Others Can’t: 8 Signs That You Are Highly Sensitive to Energy

Every day, increasing numbers of people recognize that they land in the category of men and women with empathy(compassion), highly sensitive to energy and thoughts of the environment. Empathetic person is somebody who has the capacity to grasp the mental and emotional states of others. These people have a higher social intelligence and are incredibly proficient at helping others to resolve their problems.

Being able to recognize that you will be delicate to energy is important, because we often feel that everything we are working with and sense was created at first in us. Imagine if a few of our thought, feelings and emotions are from thepeople who are in the same room around? Or from the social people who are near us?

Here are 8 common characteristics that empathetic and energy – very sensitive people have:

You Feel Other People’s Emotions, Even Though They Aren’t Around


If you are a empathetic person, you can grab the vitality field of others even though they aren’t around you. They can be on the other side of metropolis or the country, but you are able to pick up their thoughts still. For somebody who is sensitive to energy , it’s important to truly have a habit to ask themselves: – “Are these feeling mine?”

You can save from a whole lot of suffering when you can recognize whether you feel bad because of somebody else’s energy field or because of your.

You Feel Overwhelmed in Crowded Places

You like small crowds or being exclusively somewhat than being in a huge groups of folks where you may take all the negativity of others after yourself.

You Are Sensitive To Light, Sounds, Touches and Smells

You do not like bright lamps and you have a sharpened sense of flavor, smell and touch. Being empathetic means that your brain and body are linked and that naturally enables you to more sensitive to all or any energies generally, even electromagnetic energy and sensory information.

You Know Things, You Have No Proof for

You merely “know” things, that you haven’t any logical substantiation for. Quite simply, you employ a strong intuition and it is possible to interpret things gives you insight into things that other folks cannot see. If you’re delicate to energy, you might be able to take a look at someone, and see if they’re good or bad, and if they should be prevented.

Perhaps you have told friends and family you had a bad sense about their spouse and later you have discovered that that they had cheated.

People Tell You That You Are Too Sensitive

People around you let you know that you will be too delicate. You are feeling more, think more and go through the feelings on the deeper level than most people.

You Know When People Are Laying to You

You can read body gestures perfectly, you can also have mental image of thoughts and psychological expresses of others. When people lay to you, you can spot the obvious change in their energy field and the firmness with their tone. You understand that they know they are lying so you have an idea of precisely what is happening of their energy field. Being empathetic provides you a solid bulls**t detector.

It’s Hard for You to Watch Violence on TV

Every once in awhile you feel bad when seeing violence on Televisions or in the films, because you are somebody who puts itself ready of others so you often think what it might be like if you were experiencing something similar. Although this is merely an act, you are launched in to the mental and subconscious space as it was taking place in true to life.

You Instinctively Avoid Energy Vampires

You avoid romance and folks with people who are sucking the power out of you. Since you experienced activities with energy vampires before, you understand how to recognize them. Your power field is creating a kind of your shield and instinctively helps prevent you from ending up in them.

Living as an empath is not a fairly easy move to make, particularly if you you live as an empath with sufferer mentality this means putting the secrets of your center in other’s hands. However, you are definitely more than a power sponge. You could have power, choice and will. Don’t be afraid to make use of that power and get back the control of energy field.



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